Escape Rooms – X-Large Events

Theme for X-Large Size Groups

Up to 120 players per hour are broken up into 20 teams of up to 6 people each in one large room. Teams compete with one another in order to try and solve the mystery within one hour. Optional prizes can be given out for the top time, the top three times and/or just solving it at all before the time is up.

Over the course of 3 sessions in 4 hours we can handle a total of 360 players!

This game consists of 4 Stations: The Police Forensics Lab, the records department, the Radio Station and the Casino. Real Escape Room will bring a compact set of props and decorations that give a minimalist impression of those buildings and facilitate game play. We can only carry compact props in that we are often flying from booking to booking and want to keep your costs down. But what we have are unique and unusual props, many of which are 3d printed and designed specifically for the game. Our players always have a GREAT time. And if your group likes to be crafty it can be fun to decorate according to the station’s themes and we encourage that.

You supply:
• A big room, tables and chairs for everyone.
• Four volunteers. Two that will sit at their stations, hand out an envelope and read one line of text in exchange for the proper password. One that will deal hands of black jack. And one to help with crowd flow and signing people in. All the volunteer’s jobs are very simple and fun.

Game Length/Players: We recommend an hour but we can also do 45 minute games. Games require 5 minutes of pre-talk, five minutes of debriefing at the end and 5 minutes to reset = 15 minutes total that need to be accounted for in scheduling.

Our standard set is 4 hours in length so we can schedule that as:
• 3 one-hour games (with 15 min reset/debrief in between). Up to 360 people total
• four 45-minute games (with the 15 min reset/debriefs). Up to 480 people total

We usually will send two game masters to run it but sometimes may just send one manager who has had significantly more experience. The game masters will play the part of the chief of police, will guide the players in all their detective work fun and give hints when needed.

Send us a message to inquire about or to book Escape Rooms for X-Large Size Groups:

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