DUI Simulator

DUI Simulator

We all hear about the dangers of texting or operating other electronic devices while driving. But, many young drivers are not changing their behavior.  Distracted Driving Simulators give more of a realistic approach to teaching without the consequence. Neon offers a unique distracted driving program and simulator for your school, business, community, and  campus. With the epidemic of distracted driving, it’s critical for the safety of high school drivers, college drivers, delivery drivers, and our community.

The centerpiece of our program is a 6-seat simulator. Having multiple simulators on site makes the program more meaningful for your student body. Research shows that students change their attitude about driving by participating in simulator rather than watching other students participate. The program includes film clips of families affected by distracted driving, a presentation about the realities of distracted driving and the “Remember Alex Brown Foundation” pledge to be completed at the end of the program. The presentation can be given to a large student body or scaled down for small groups. In a 4-hour day, up to 360 students to experience the simulator. Other companies typically bring a single simulator to your school.

We want to touch the lives of students. Driving while texting or being distracted may be as dangerous as driving with a .08 blood alcohol concentration!


•Location: A regular, completely flat surface is required for the simulator to be placed on.

•Power: A Basic 110v outlet is all that is needed to power up the Simulator

•Volunteers: 2 Volunteers are needed and will be responsible for help with load-in and out.

•Time: Set-up and tear-down  take about 30 Minutes each.

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