The Drop Game Show

The Drop

The Drop game show is a combination of PLINKO and trivia just like the most current tv game shows. And, we give away $250 in CASH!

Not only will this game show keep your students entertained and it comes with a professional set up. We bring in a custom designed 8 feet high by 10 feet tall inflatable wall that is packed with LED lights to create an experience the students won’t soon forget.

Here’s how it works: Teams of 2 – 4 students will be randomly selected from the audience to come up on stage and compete for their chance to walk away with some cash. Each team will get the opportunity to answer 10 questions, one at a time. After each question is locked in they find out if the answer is correct. For each correct answer the wall will light up green and the ball will be dropped from the top. Whichever money amount the ball ends up in gets added to the student’s bank account. For every incorrect answer the team gives, the ball will drop and that money will be subtracted from their account.  After all 10 questions are finished; whatever money is remaining in the bank account will be awarded to the teams!

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