Comedian Dykes of Hazard

Dykes of Hazard

Lesbian comedian Kristen Becker is the ringmaster and emcee of Dykes of Hazard Comedy, a sexy blend of comedy that has entertained audiences throughout the Northeast for several years now.

A touring act since 2006, Dykes of Hazard Comedy is a mix of sketch and stand-up comedy, music, dance and burlesque. The current troupe has performed monthly shows together for more than two years in Buffalo and offers a unique LGBT perspective.  Rochester’s Empty Closet newspaper says the Dykes of Hazard show is “off-the-wall hilarious, with a good dose of eccentric thrown in.”

But if you happen to be straight, don’t let the name scare you away. Dykes of Hazard Comedy produces material about issues that all genders, races and sexual orientation can connect with.  Whether you’re gay, straight or someone in between, you’re likely to have a ball at Dykes of Hazard Comedy.

Becker is a seasoned performer who received high marks for her appearance at the Laughing Skull Festival, one of the largest comedy showcases in the United States.  She has opened for national touring acts, including Maria Bamford, Doug Stanhope and Doug Benson and has just released her first comedy album, “How Could She?”  Empty Closet says Becker serves up “bawdy reality topped with a slice of southern charm,” while Curve magazine named her as one of America’s funniest lesbians.

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