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Where can you get drunk on campus with your friends, have access to free, unlimited alcohol, wake up without a hangover and have a clear bar tab at the end of the night? At Keith Karkut’s Hypnotic Intoxication! Through hypnosis, Karkut makes volunteers believe they have unlimited access to the most potent alcohol, but the participants will only be drinking bottled water.  Learn more about Hypnotic Intoxication

Comedian Michael Dean Ester guides audiences through the age-old pressures placed on today’s college-bound generation. His goal is to help young adults arrive at the true meaning of success and demonstrate how a college education can help them define success in their individual lives. This lecture is a must for students embarking on a college education. Learn more about The Reason You’re Here.

Zero Shades of Gray applies the Collegiate Empowerment best practices of delivering a high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun experience that is totally relevant and hits the biggest points of how to approach sexual assault on campus. Yes, students will appreciate—and even enjoy—a sexual assault seminar. Your students will leave equipped with safe practices for better decision-making. Learn more about Zero Shades of Gray

College Survival Secrets is not just another boring lecture. Students will walk out knowing they have the power to ACE college and avoid all the drama they might run into…..one choice at a time. Not just another boring lecture this interactive multimedia presentation is educational but entertaining way so your students receive a message that will be remembered. Learn more about College Survival Secrets.  

Get a Life…Outside the Classroom gets the message to new students about the importance of getting involved, what the college experience really looks like, and how to be a successful college student from day one! This seminar is about making the most of your college experience and can be customized and relevant for any student audience. Learn more about Get a Life…Outside the Classroom

With The3D College Experience: An Entertaining Look at How to Avoid Ending Up Dumb, Drunk & in Debt, Adam presents your students with some easy to learn steps that will help them minimize the worries that college students are predestined to face.  His comedic spin on some very serious topics makes this the program that could change your students’ futures. Learn More about The 3D College Experience.

Brian Miller inspires students to make better, more meaningful connections with the people in their lives. Your students will reclaim the art of conversation and learn how to take on other people’s perspectives. Adapted from Brian’s globally acclaimed TEDx talk “How to Magically Connect with Anyone,” which has inspired over 1.5 Million people worldwide. Learn more about How to Magically Connect with Anyone.

Let’s face it: traditional alcohol education doesn’t work. That’s why this seminar is not performed by recovering alcoholics – because you don’t visit a sick person to get health advice. This seminar is the first step to changing behaviors by shifting perceptions: “Alcohol Is Not About Drinking; It’s About Who You Are.” If you HATE lectures, you’ll LOVE this! Learn more about Maximize Your Buzz.  


   The Hot Mic

About Neon’s Orientation Programs: Book the perfect orientation entertainment through Neon Entertainment. As one of the leading college entertainment agencies, we have everything you need to build fun and educational orientation/welcome week programs for your incoming students. From college comedy hypnotists to team-building game shows Neon Entertainment has it all! Neon’s speakers are speakers are educational and entertaining, leaving students with an eye opening experience. Part lecture/seminar and part entertainment, our college speakers cover a variety of topics including sex education, alcohol awareness, communication skills, team building, career development and making the most out of your college experience. Educate your student body in fun, innovative and interactive ways! If you are looking to book a program, please fill out the form below or call Neon Entertainment at 1-800-993-NEON.

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