There are many mixed emotions going on in regards to college students continuing there higher learning in a virtual setting as compared to the classroom. Finding ways to keep students engaged throughout this unbalanced time that we have been experiencing during 2020. Neon Entertainment has been dedicating a majority of their time developing virtual programs to keep students engaged through this pandemic. So dedicated to virtual events, we even made a new website strictly for Virtual Events with college students in mind. 


From college students to even k-12 classes, virtual learning has been implemented all over the country. We have been doing the same, but with virtual programs/events. Neon Entertainment has been at the forefront of creating a wide variety of virtual programs to keep students engaged. Thinking that only a few events would be booked. We were blown away when we ended up booking a few hundred events. So we made a whole website showcasing our virtual programs designed to keep college students engaged and networking through this time. 


Through our wide range of options when it comes to virtual events. We got you covered in all the fields of live entertainment. If you like randoms nights out doing karaoke with your friends. We have a  Virtual Open Mic Event, and a Virtual Live Unplugged Karaoke event that allows anyone to participate. We also provide live music virtually for you to enjoy from the list of our musicians. From cover bands to soloists, and completely original acts. The options are there for you to choose from. Great for orientations, and homecomings, or a simple way to keep engagement flowing throughout the community. 


Who doesn’t love a little magic and sleight of hand? There has always been something about magicians that fascinates the viewer. Even though you know it is a trick, your imagination takes you to a new place in which you believe that the impossible is possible. Mentalist and Magician Brian Ledbetter offers a great virtual experience for those you find the sleight of hand intriguing. Or how about sleight of mind with Michael C Anthony. With Audience participation, Michaels’s virtual show is guaranteed to keep you entertained the entire time. 


Neon Entertainment is all about its virtual programs. We knew there was a solution to keeping students and people engaged throughout a pandemic like this. The solution was our virtual events and programs. After booked several hundred in a short period of time, we decided to create a website in order to showcase how great these virtual events can be.