Connecting Through Virtual Platforms 

Connecting Through Virtual Platforms 

A lot of the interaction going on between people since early 2020 has been virtual. This has been the experience for college students more than most. Some of the most important times in a person’s life are the years they spend in college. The memories you make, and the interactions you experience last a lifetime. The last thing Neon Entertainment wants you to do is to lose that opportunity. Neon offers online events for college students to stay engaged during these unique and distancing times we are experiencing.  

Virtual Engagement  

One of the most important things an individual can do in times like these is to adapt to change. Through virtual events and virtual programs offered through Neon, we are flourishing in this virtual world. Whether it is for education, business, or personal reasons, it is still very important to stay engaged. Finding new ways to build relationships with other students, or professionals is something we are evolving into more and more every day.  

How do you engage through online platforms? 

Through Neon Entertainment’s college booking agency, offering dozens of virtual programs. We thrive on finding new ways of keeping college and high school students engaged in the digital age. Not through social media but through interacting with peers in programs such as the Digital Empowerment Series. A high-energy live web educational production delivered in-real time. Build meaningful connections in a Learn/Work-from-home world with Brian Millers Virtual Leadership program. Demonstrating how to retain our humanity in an unpredictable world.  


Choosing the Right Program 

Depending on what type of experience you are trying to provide, is it always important to see what options you have available to you. It could be for a virtual team building program or an exciting virtual game show. Getting the most out of your virtual experience depends on who is conducting it. Neon Entertainment has a long list of successful, professional, and proven candidates to choose from. Along with background information to help choose the right option.  We make it easy for you to complete your research in choosing the proper virtual experience.  


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