Blacklight Volleyball

Blacklight Volleyball / Blacklight Dodgeball

Add a new level of fun to some classic games with Blacklight Dodgeball and Blacklight Volleyball! Our equipment glows under special blacklights, creating an electrifying atmosphere. You can choose between Volleyball or Dodgeball for an unforgettable and thrilling experience. Gather your team, dress up in neon, and get ready to play under the neon lights for a night of incredible fun!

Blacklight Dodgeball:

Experience the thrilling Black Light Dodgeball, taking the game to a whole new level! In a darkened arena, glowing dodgeballs streak through neon colors, creating an exciting atmosphere.

Perfect for any occasion, this inclusive adventure fosters teamwork and is fun for everyone. Whether it’s a corporate event, college event, school function, or community gathering, Black Light Dodgeball adds a unique twist to the classic game.

With special UV lighting intensifying the excitement, the venue transforms into a vibrant neon wonderland, captivating players and spectators alike. Everyone can join in, promoting friendly competition and lasting memories. Customize the experience to match your event’s theme and goals. Bring the excitement of Black Light Dodgeball to your next event and make it unforgettable!

Blacklight Volleyball:

Experience the captivating world of Blacklight Volleyball, where the game takes on a mesmerizing glow! Step into a dimly lit arena, where neon-colored volleyballs fly through the shadows, creating an electrifying and immersive atmosphere.

This thrilling adventure is perfect for any occasion, promoting teamwork and ensuring boundless fun for everyone involved. Whether it’s a corporate event, college gathering, school function, or community meetup, Blacklight Volleyball creates a unique and exhilarating twist into the classic game.

The venue comes alive with UV lighting, transforming it into a vibrant neon volleyball court that mesmerizes players and spectators alike. Everyone is invited to join in, encouraging friendly competition and making unforgettable memories. Customize the experience to match your event’s theme and goals, and get ready to create an unforgettable event with the thrill of Blacklight Volleyball!


MAX # OF PARTICIPANTS: 12 participants/game (6 per team)

APPROX # OF PARTICIPANTS/HOUR: Approx. 100 participants per hr.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 2 20Amp circuits

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