Nico Franc

“I’m an Acoustic-Soul Storyteller…” – A statement that is notoriously followed by a quizzical look and sparked interest. There is an archaic and embedded familiarity that comes along with the word, ‘storyteller’ that captures the intention of Nico Franc’s music, but would leave it naked without the coupling of, ‘soul’. Although Franc is currently based in Los Angeles, he adopted his sound from growing up and traveling on the east coast. Since dropping out of college in Savannah, GA, Franc has focused on developing his live show by touring solo and taking stage with his full band in LA. His shows have captured the attention and appreciated of many, including the saxophone player of Pink Floyd and Toto, Scott Page, producer/bass player Colin Wolfe, and on social media his videos have even sparked the interest of pop star Shawn Mendes, and all before releasing his debut fully-produced EP (coming early 2018).

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