Jake Roberston music

Jake Robertson

Tyler Smilo

Todd Carey

musician nicole nelson

Nicole Nelson

Emily Earle

Mikki Hommel

Mikki Hommel

Chris Scott

Lance & Lea

Scott Celani

John Gurney music

John Gurney


shanice green music

Shanice Green


the lique band

The Lique

kick the robot music

Kick The Robot


Live “Unplugged” Karaoke



The House Jacks

Ari Herstand

Dominic James

Austin Willacy

Jim Wolf

Justine Bennett


Kate Klim

Adam Day

Dave Patten

Aryk Crowder

Owen Danoff

Nico Franc

DIY Silent Dance Party

Electric Life Tour

Whether your event requires a singer/songwriter, band, soloist, duo, original or cover band Neon Entertainment is your booking agency! Our musicians represent a wide variety of music styles from pop and rock, to indie and a cappella.

Music Packages

2 Solo Musicians $3000
3 Solo Musicians $4200

*Music packages include promo and FREE PIZZA for your music events!

Click here for a list of eligible musicians