DIY Silent Dance Party

DIY Silent Dance Party, the hottest trend to hit the streets! The only event where people can party while listening to music through an inter-connected network of wireless headphones instead of the same old speaker system. All of the audio is broadcast using radio transmitters. These headphones have a broadcasting range of 500 yards. That’s five football fields in every direction! This system allows guests up to three different choices of artists that can play at the same time and at the same venue. Guests choose who they want to listen to, when chosen your headphones will use its LED lights to show other guests what artist’s station you’re listening to. Each headphone comes equipped with its own volume control for guests personal amplification. The DIY Silent Dance Party isn’t just for indoors, bring the party outside with this awesome event! Let us send all of the equipment to you, all you need to do is invite the people! We will send you anywhere between 150 to 500 wireless headphones and up to 3 iPad’s for the event. Create your own dance party with the largest music library around. Choose the new way to party by booking the DIY Silent DAnce Party with Neon Entertainment today!

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