The submission form below is an agreement of your interest in being submitted to the Virtual NACA LIVE 2021 Conference to be held February 23-26, 2021.  If you would like to be submitted for a possible showcase at this conference, please complete the following form. This form is our internal form and does NOT go directly to NACA. We will be contacting you after completion if we need to discuss any further details. Thanks!

***IMPORTANT NOTE***Spotlight & Lecture showcase submission videos for Virtual NACA® Live
• Should consist of the final showcase product that will be shown on stage.
• Submissions must be within 30 seconds of the correct showcase length, but cannot be over its time. For example, a 4 minute
video must be at least 3 minutes and 30 seconds, but cannot be longer than 4 minutes.
• NACA will not edit videos for any reason. The NACA Office & National Showcase Selection team will review all Spotlight & Lecture
videos prior to the showcase selection meeting beginning.
• Pre-recorded showcases should not include ANY prerecorded material at all.
• Lectures can use multimedia if their performance necessitates its use.
• Showcase performances are not meant as infomercials for products and services, nor should they include videos of previous live
performances. These are for live entertainment acts only.
• We encourage you to set up the video by welcoming the Virtual NACA Live attendees and personalizing the video at all times,
including a goodbye message encouraging attendees to come to your booth.
• Please note that we will show these videos as live with an Emcee performing live in between sets, so please DO NOT reference not
being live in the video. Do not say “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” in the videos.
• Submissions do not need to include closed captioning or any type/slides with agency & act names. NACA’s production company will provide lower third slides with these details as well as close captioning services.

• Videos that do not meet the specifications listed above will not be considered.
• Refunds will not be given for submissions that do not meet the correct criteria.

Submission fees, to be paid to Neon, is $130 for the Virtual NACA LIVE 2021 conference and is to be paid immediately upon submission of this form.


Spotlight Showcase Fee (Both Low & High Showcase Categories): $360

Emcee Showcase Fee: $510

Lecture Showcase Fee: $360

*Please read category descriptions as well as showcase expectations at the bottom of this page before completing your submission and be sure to submit to the category/categories that best fit(s) your art.


Showcase Category Descriptions:

Spotlight Showcase (High and Low)
This category features both established and up-and-coming artists
performing for 4 minutes each. Spotlight Low encompasses acts with single date prices of $1,500 or less, which should be approximately 40% of the acts chosen for the Spotlight Showcase. Isolated dates for Spotlight Low can be exclusive of travel, but block prices must include travel. In other words, for block dates, you will be responsible for the cost of travel.
Spotlight High encompasses all other pricing above $1,500. Spotlight High
acts are interspersed with Spotlight Low acts. Spotlight Showcases will be pre-recorded*.
Master of Ceremonies Showcase
These acts introduce the other acts in Spotlight Showcases and entertain during set changes. Emcees will have a total of 6 minutes to showcase their acts exclusive of their introduction time (total time is 20 minutes). This should be divided among multiple sets. The final breakdown of time between each act must be coordinated day of with Showcase Production Coordinator as these “sets” are necessary to complete turnover between acts. Emcees will perform via live stream.
Lecture Showcase
Lecture acts are those that cover topics such as social awareness, political
issues, health and environmental concerns, the arts, etc. This category is primarily non-musical and educational. Lecture showcases are 10 minutes long and showcases will be pre-recorded*.
*If selected to showcase in the Spotlight or Lecture categories, you will be responsible for recording your showcase and submitting the recorded showcase to us. NACA will be working with a production company to splice the videos together so that they can be shown as live for the attendees, but will not be doing creative editing for individual videos. We encourage you to use this opportunity
to invite school members into your space, your home, your studio and to acknowledge that although we cannot physically be together, this is the next best thing. NACA does NOT want, nor will accept, videos that are from comedy clubs, former concerts, etc. The showcase performances should be created especially for the NACA Virtual attendees.