Please complete the following information for your NACA submission. This form is our internal form and does not go directly to NACA. We will be contacting you after completion to review any needed details. Thanks!

Submission fee of $85 to be paid to Neon. Please pay on the second page after you submit.


Spotlight Showcase $100
Master of Ceremonies $100
Performance Sampler $55
Variety Showcase $115
Special Events $75
*If interested in a Special Events showcase, please note, prices range based on showcase slot. If selected for a Special Events showcase, you will be responsible for your own production needs and the costs associated with those needs.


Showcase Category Descriptions:

A. Master of Ceremonies (25 minutes in length):
Intended to provide continuity between other showcase acts and enhance the overall quality of the total showcase, while providing the emcee with the opportunity for exposure in a non-traditional showcase format. The act must be able to perform in front of the curtain. Full-stage access is not available.
B. Spotlight Showcases (10 minutes in length) may include:
Comedy: Intended to simulate a comedy club environment featuring stand-up comics, comedy teams and improvisational groups.
Novelty: Includes innovative acts such as jugglers, magicians and similar types of attractions.
Coffeehouse: Intended to present a musical attraction that requires minimal sound and lighting.
C. Sampler Showcase (5 minutes in length):
Artists must be able to perform with a maximum of four inputs (either microphone or direct input.) There is no opportunity for a sound/light check.
D. Variety Showcase (20 minutes in length):
New to #MATFest2018! Intended for acts/performers such as illusionists, hypnotists/mentalists, and other novelty acts.
E. Special Event Showcase (60 minutes in length):
Note: While it is encouraged that acts in this category fit into the Spotlight Showcase pricing, applications from
higher-priced acts will still be considered.
Any act submitting for this category must be able to perform in an auditorium setting with theatre seating.
Hypnosis During a Showcase
NACA policy prohibits mass/group hypnosis of audience members and limits hypnotic induction to only the volunteers on stage. To ensure this, induction instructions must be heard only through on-stage monitors and will be managed by the Showcase Production Coordinator and the contracted sound/light provider. Any showcase act performing hypnosis who violates either of these two policies will forfeit any remaining showcases they may have been awarded for the current conference season and will not be eligible to apply to
showcase at any regional conferences for the following year’s conference season.