The submission form below is an agreement of your interest in being submitted to the NACA FALL 2021 Conferences to be held this Fall.  If you would like to be submitted for a possible showcase at these conferences, please complete the following form. This form is our internal form and does NOT go directly to NACA. We will be contacting you after completion if we need to discuss any further details. Thanks!

***IMPORTANT NOTE***Refunds will not be given for submissions that do not meet the correct criteria. Please also make sure you are available for all of the days of the conference(s) you are submitting to.  We cannot make requests for showcase days if selected to perform.

Submission fees, to be paid to Neon, is $160 PER conference you submit to and is to be paid immediately upon submission of this form.

Showcase Fees To Be Paid To NEON IF SELECTED TO SHOWCASE ARE IN THE DESCRIPTIONS BELOW. Also, if attending a conference you will need to complete the following liability waiver for NACA: https://www.naca.org/Conferences/Documents/COVID_Waiver.pdf

*Please read category descriptions as well as showcase expectations at the bottom of this page before completing your submission and be sure to submit to the category/categories that best fit(s) your art.


Showcase Category Descriptions:

Spotlight Low: 

This category covers the same types of acts as Spotlight High, but limited to acts with prices of $1,500 or less. Isolated dates can be listed as + travel, but block prices must include travel in the price. 10 minutes performance time. $390 Showcase fee if selected.

Spotlight High: 

This category covers just about anything…bands, comedians, poets, you name it. There are no limits to the price you can charge in this category. 10 minutes performance time. $390 Showcase fee if selected.

Master of Ceremonies: 

Emcees introduce the other acts on the showcase and entertain during set changes. Needs minimum set-up time and will perform in front of the stage curtain (thrust). 25 minutes total time broken up into sets between other acts. $590 Showcase fee if selected.


Speakers are chosen to cover a diverse number of topics. Based on a recent survey, school members are most interested in topics on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Mental Health, Wellness, Leadership, and LGBTQIA+.  $465 Fee if selected. 


These showcases are intended for novelty acts, limited but not equal to magicians, hypnotists, illusionists, mind readers, etc. 20 minute performance time. $540 Showcase fee if selected.


This showcase is designated for DJs to open up the showcase and bring energy to the crowd. There are 2 DJ showcases with 20 minutes of performance time. $490 showcase fee if selected.

Trending Interactive Programs:

These are meant to be interactive and engaging programs that can include group paint parties/activities, “How To” demonstrations, karaoke, lip sync battles, dance lessons, etc. These showcases will be shown as live, but the associates are encouraged to show how these can be done virtually or in a hybrid model. $540 Showcase fee if selected.

Game Shows:

Game Shows can include the likes of bingo, trivia, and other interactive games that allow for group or team play. These showcases will be shown as live, but the associates are encouraged to show how these can be done virtually or in a hybrid model. $590 Showcase Fee if selected.

Make It & Take Its:

These showcases can include activity kit making or live artists such as caricatures, balloon artists, wire writing, spray painting t-shirts, tarot card reading, etc. Make It & Take It artists are allowed to perform during all conference hours, as long as they do not interrupt staged showcase performances or other conference activities. $540 Showcase Fee if Selected.


Novelty and interactive programs shown in a carnival or party-type of atmosphere for the closing event. These can include interactive games/small amusements, photo booths, balloon artists, tattoo/henna artists, make & take activities, etc. These showcases will perform off the main stage and the agent be responsible for any additional utility or labor charges.  $540 Showcase Fee if selected.