Please complete the following information for your NACA submission. This form is our internal form and does NOT go directly to NACA. We will be contacting you after completion if we need to discuss any further details. Thanks!

Submission fees, to be paid to Neon, are $125 PER REGION to be paid immediately upon submission of this form.


Spotlight Showcase $370
Roving $370
Master of Ceremonies $370
Lecture $370
Performance Sampler $190
Special Events $370
Variety Showcase $500
*Please read category descriptions at the bottom of this page before completing your submission and be sure to submit to the category/categories that best fit(s) your art.


Showcase Category Descriptions:

Spotlight Showcase (High and Low)
This category features both established and up-and-coming artists
performing for 10 minutes each. Spotlight Low encompasses acts with single date prices of $1250 or less. Isolated dates for Spotlight Low  can be exclusive of travel, but block prices must also be no higher than $1250 and include travel.
Spotlight High encompasses all other pricing. Spotlight High acts are interspersed with Spotlight Low acts.
Master of Ceremonies Showcase
These acts introduce the other acts in spotlight showcase, and entertain
during set changes. This category includes acts that require a minimum set-up time and which can perform in front of the curtains or on the stage apron. Emcees will have a total of 25 minutes to showcase their acts exclusive of their introduction time.   This should be divided among multiple sets.  The final breakdown of time between each act will be coordinated the day of the showcase with the Showcase Production Coordinator as these “sets” are necessary to complete turnover between acts.
Lecture Showcase
Lecture acts are those that cover topics such as social awareness, political issues, health and environmental concerns, the arts, etc. This category is primarily non-musical and educational. Lecture acts have 15 minutes to present. An act may take questions from the audience or conduct a question and answer session within their 15-minute period.  A projector will be provided for acts to use.  Acts should come prepared with a laptop to connect to the projector via VGA or HDMI cable in the event there is not a laptop onsite.
Roving Artist Showcase
This free-form category can show off any kind of novelty, variety or musical talent. Artists selected for this showcase perform in designated areas within the event facility. More than one roving Artist may be scheduled per day at the discretion of the showcase selection committee, in consultation with the NACA office. It is the intention that artists be mobile. NACA does not provide nor allow any equipment, sound or lighting for this category. The following guidelines will apply to this showcase category:
• Acts in this category cannot use any electrical outlets, lighting, staging,
portable music players or anything else using batteries or an electrical outlet that produces sound. The roving Artist will be permitted to perform from 12:01 am until midnight on the day determined by the designated event contact and in areas determined by the NACA office.
Performance times and locations may be limited due to site restrictions and facility policies.
• The Roving Artist is not allowed to perform during any Spotlight, Lecture,
Special Event, Variety, or Sampler showcase.
• The Roving Artist may perform outside of the room during meal functions, but the performance must end no later than five minutes before the beginning of any showcase, awards program or any other activity deemed in direct conflict by the designated event contact.
• The Roving Artist may perform during an educational session but should
not be seen or heard from an educational session room.
• Roving Artist acts will be introduced at the beginning of a Spotlight
showcase on the act’s assigned showcase day and the showcase Production Coordinator will inform the act what time it will take place.
Special Event Showcase
The Special Events Showcase is a showcase opportunity that is not performed on the primary stage.  Although these showcases can vary in nature, this type of showcase can provide showcase opportunities for events that do not fit into the stage performance model, such as casino nights, dance parties, etc.  NACA will provide a location for the Special Events Showcase; however, the artist is responsible for all load-in, load-out costs, as well as any other sound and lights, labor, electricity and/or staging costs.  Sound or technical checks must be arranged by the associate member firm/artist.  Performance times are 60 minutes each and the quantity may vary by region.
Sampler Showcase
These brief showcase opportunities will take place on the main stage thrust, unless the Showcase Production Coordinator sees otherwise. Artists will have 5 minutes to perform.  Artists applying for this category must be able to perform with minimal sound reinforcement.  NACA will provide house sound, consisting of four inputs (either microphone or direct input).  There is no opportunity for a sound/light check.
Variety Showcase
Variety showcases are a novelty showcase with a 20 minute set on the primary stage.  There will be four variety showcases at each regional conference (two during the orientation/welcome showcase and two built into spotlight showcases).  These showcases are intended for novelty acts, equal to, but not limited to magicians, hypnotists, illusionists, mind readers, etc.