Living the Dream With Nicole Nelson | Neon Spotlight #4

nicole nelson

It’s something that some of us probably don’t really think about enough. Our dreams. What is your ultimate version of “living the dream?” Sure, maybe we’re working on getting a degree in something we think we might want to do when we “grow up.” Maybe our dreams have been expected or created by others. Maybe you know your dream life and you’re going to do anything and everything you can to achieve that dream. We spend time admiring dreamers, but how much do we think about our own? When one of our team members met Nicole Nelson, a musician based in Nashville, Tennessee, one thing was clear. She is living her dream. For the fourth edition of our Neon Spotlight Podcast, we had an inspiring conversation with Nicole and found out a little more about the talented singer and songwriter.

The Music

Constantly working on new music, which you will see released very soon, Nicole is truly dedicated to her passion. You can see her cover anything from Bieber to Aretha Franklin to Weekend on her YouTube channel, which shows her innate ability and diverse voice range. Being that she records many of her cover videos at home, finding somewhere in the house where the dog is least likely to bother her is a challenge. She giggled when she told us about a Facebook Live session where her adorable Goldendoodle was the star of the video, and though he knocked around just about everything on the set, she had to keep it up for her fans.

See Everything You Need to Find Here on Nicole’s Website

Nicole isn’t just a cover artist. She has an amazing EP, Howling at the Moon, that can be found on her website, along with other original material. She spoke proudly of that EP, because she spent so much time in the studio working with her producer, and it “couldn’t have come out anything more honestly, ME.” Toning out the fear of everyone liking a release, or if it would fit to radio is something that challenges every artist. In hindsight, she said she was thankful for that album because it was a “great representation of self and the musical person she was at that time.” The new stuff will be a little different, so stay tuned.

The Dream

Like many of us, Nicole deals with anxiety. We talked to her about how a self-proclaimed introvert manages performing on stage in front of people all over the country. She laughed when she told us how she always tells people “the thing I was meant to do, I was so not meant to do at all.” She says she hasn’t gotten over the anxiety, but the cathartic relief and satisfaction of a great set is what keeps her going.

“It can be intimidating, every show is different. Once you finish a set, especially if someone says ‘I was having a crappy day but i was totally danced along to that song.’ That’s the whole point of it. That is kinda achieving your dreams. Why else are you doing music other than to make people feel good.”

We asked her if she had a favorite collaboration or someone she enjoyed working with throughout her career, and someone came to mind immediately. While on a flight, she found herself rubbing elbows with Tim McGraw’s band, and met Adam Shoenfeld, who was one of the guitarists. She joked about how lucky of an opportunity this was, and though she rarely co-writes songs, this was a great match. Being an introvert, it’s typically easier for her to get inside “that vulnerable, honest state alone,” and co-writing for her usually goes one of two ways.

“Super awkward and uncomfortable, or this magical amazing creative back and forth ping pong. Almost a buzz in the room. You come out with something you’re so proud of.”

The writing session with Adam was of the latter, and what came out of it was “Lost in Space”, which you’ll find on her next release within the next year.

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Nicole is available for booking through Neon Entertainment college music booking agency! To book her for your event just give us a call and we can get the ball rolling! Check out the full interview with Nicole Nelson below, where you can hear more about living the life of a traveling musician, playing for college students, living with anxiety, preparing for her wedding, her perspective of success, her new music and much more!