Neon's mobile Roller Skating Rink is a full size rink that is brought right to your campus and can be a 4-6 hour event, complete with music and skates.


  1. Location: A large, completely flat surface is required for the rink to be placed on.  Grass and uneven parking lots are not practical.  While the rink size can be adjusted to fit your room/location size the larger the better. The rink can be built to fit up to a 40'x 60' area (2400 sq feet).

  2. Power: 2 20 Amp Circuits are needed (1 for the lights and 1 for sound)

  3. Volunteers: 5 Volunteers are needed.  Volunteers must be able to lift 50-60 pounds and will be responsible for help with load-in and out, giving out and collecting of liability waivers and "skate security"

  4. Entry-way: A double door entrance. 

  5. Time: Set-up and tear-down take up to 3 hours each. 

  6. Tables: Please provide one table.


Q: Does Neon have an insurance policy?

A: Yes. The rink is covered under a general liability insurance policy which includes the following coverage: $1 million each occurrence / $2 million general aggregate. Additionally insured policies available upon request.  

Q: How big is the rink?

A: The rink panels make up to a 40'x60' rink (2400 sq feet), however panels can be can be arranged to fit your location accordingly.

Q: Can we do the event indoors/outdoors?

A: Yes, the rink can be used either indoors or outdoors, weather permitting and surface permitting (the rink must be on a hard, flat surface.  Grass is not acceptable).  

Q: Will the rink leave marks or ruin the floor if it is indoors?

A: A plastic tarp will be laid under the Roller Rink panels to prevent scratching of the floor surface.  To ensure best results, a completely smooth and flat surface is necessary. 

Q: What about the skates?

A: Approximately 75 pairs of skates will be provided.  Additional skates and children's sizes available upon request. 

Q: Does Neon provide waivers that participants are required to sign?

A: Yes - while all precautions are taken to prevent injury, all participants must sign a liability waiver.

Q: What is expected of the volunteers?

A: Volunteers are requested to help load-in and out, handing out and collection of waivers and "skate security" to make sure all skates are returned.



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