Pop Culture Clash is a game show that allows the entire audience to be a part of the game from the minute the emcee is announced until the moment the winner is awarded a prize of $250!  Pop Culture Clash can be customized to your school event by utilizing questions and graphics provided by you in advance.  With several different styles of competition all within one game show as well as the chance to get back into the game, winning is never too far out of reach!   Pop Culture Clash is the best game on the college market, and a first choice for orientation, family weekends and little siblings weekends, just to mention a few.

The audience will be broken up into teams of four. Each team will get a wireless controller (state-of-the-art RF technology - this technology is newer and more up to date than other companies using the same technology) and during our fastest finger round will play against every other team in the audience. All four members of the three highest scoring teams in the fastest finger round will come up on stage and play the lightning round.  We will do two rounds of the fastest finger and lightning round and then the two teams that won the respective rounds will play against a randomly drawn team for a chance to win the money.  However, if they answer a question wrong they will be asked to take a seat and another team will be drawn. This gives every team a chance to win right up till the last question.

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Our event went very well.  He had amazing energy and even though we had a small group, he made it entertaining.  We were curious if we could look at booking him for our orientations this summer?  We have five orientations...”

-Brandee Soens, Assistant Director Student Union & Events, Montana State University-Billings


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